Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is why our football quality will never improve.

International spotlight

MORE than just Terengganu's reputation is at stake with the recent sacking of head coach Peter Butler.
     Malaysian football is now under scrutiny as news about the way the Englishman's contract was terminated by the Terengganu FA circulated on the international  scene.

    Butler, who used to play for West Ham United and West Bromwich Albion in the English Premier League, said his sudden removal as Terengganu head coach made the news not only in England but also in other countries.
    "My controversial dismissal from the team was among the topics discussed on UK's television and radio talk shows," Butler disclosed yesterday.
    "It has been awhile since I was in the news back home but now my stories can be found in the Guardian, Independent and a few other newspapers."
The 46-year-old coach, who was  in Kuala Lumpur yesterday to deliver  a copy of his appeal letter to the FA of Malaysia, said many people were  curious as to why the players cannot be disciplined by their coaches. (READ MORE AT SOURCE)

azred : Shame on the Terengganu FA, when will ever Malaysia football restore its glory as the in the 90th? How can we improve if the discipline among the player are at worst and the coach was been fired for trying to get things done? Oh man.. come on guys be mature already.

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