Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hooligan Lawyer assault client (lawyer named Tan Hui Chuan or H.C.Tan) [...

a recent video showing a lawyer losing its temper with one client over the signage of document. this is the comment from the person itself taken from youtube.

"Lawyer forced client (myself) to sign paper-documents without letting client to read the content, client refuse to sign without being able to verify the documents. The lawyer impatiently shout at client face then straight away charging himself towards client and kicked client like a boxing sand-bag, after that he has repeatedly pushing the client's shoulder. 

He even challenge myself to lodge a complain against him in Bar Council, he claimed he have a reputation everywhere within Malaysia.

I have been told by a reliable source this hooligan lawyer is ranked No. 5 Court Case Lawyer in Malaysia (with such attitude I really cannot believe it, maybe he is bluffing), from the same source also i got to know he normally helps Datuk/Datin/Ministers for court case proceedings.

a thing started when the rushing lawyer want the client to sign some acknowledgment but he insist to read first which the lawyer said to come to the office because he is very busy.

what i can say is the client was really annoying, even for me that watch the video for few minute get annoyed by the specky guy. come on la. be reasonable. i know the document was only acknowledgement letter because the lawyer is not the S&P lawyer, he is a loan lawyer. don;t la be to annoyed, don't la tunjuk terrer sgt.. want to read line by line. and then some more question ppl and call ppl hooligan. what right you have to do that? of course the lawyer get annoyed and further more he is rushing. it is good that the lawyer give you chance to verify the conditions of the house. last time when i bought my house the loan lawyer doesn't even see me. i only deal with his assistant. 

and as for the lawyer i really pity you. i know that you are really mad because specky calling you names. but you should be cool and act professionally. i know there is a lot of annoying ppl out there. and we as professional have to learn how to handle this kind of ppl. when you start using physical to vent your frustration that have become your downfall. you are at the wrong end over there my friend. 

what the lawyer should do if he really feel cannot tahan with that specky is ask his assistant to see the matter through and leave the place at once. just excuse yourself and say that your assistant will assist you in this matter. talk nicely. and the specky will not have another against you. 

as for the conclusion, both parties are wrong in this case. annoying specky+temper lawyer=flying kick. haha
but the lawyer will get into the hot water for physical assault what ever reason he have..

read this article from the star

Lawyer who hit client claims self-defence

self-defence my ass.. haha that specky use sword arr??? come la admit that you lose your temper with that annoying kid.

so lesson to be learn Manage Your Anger & Don't Be Like That Annoying Specky.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mari Gores dan Rugi

KUALA LUMPUR: Percutian seorang guru bersama keluarga di ibu negara awal bulan lalu bertukar menjadi detik hitam selepas ditipu sindiket peraduan gores dan menang hingga terpaksa menanggung kerugian RM27,000.
Guru wanita berusia 30-an yang berasal dari Sarawak itu ditawarkan hadiah cabutan pertama sebuah tilam manakala sebuah kereta mewah pula dijanjikan sebagai hadiah utama.

Difahamkan, dia yang tidak mengesyaki akan ditipu, membuat bayaran tunai kepada individu yang membuat cabutan itu berjumlah RM19,000 sebelum bakinya diselesaikan melalui bayaran kad kredit. seterusnya myMetro | Rugi RM27,000

azred : seriusly, aku pun xfaham la org2 ni.. knapa la gullible sgt. dah byk kes penipuan mcm ni berlaku dan terlalu byk media melaporkan penipuan ni. tapi ade jugak yg masih yg xpernah nak amik kesah. ignorant kan.
satu je rule yg aku selalu pegang. apa pun xde maknanya org nak bagi bende free dalam dunia ni. xkisah la dalam bentuk apa pun. segala yg kita nak dapat mesti kene ade usaha yg setimpal. follow this rule and you will be ok.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy father's day

I wish to all day n myself...

On this day my beloved wife have baked me a very delicious caramel cake.. Wow!! Nyum nyum! Tq honey...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Now everyone can sue Air Asia


On 13-6-2012, the Consumer Tribunal in Putrajaya has made a landmark decision involving a case of flight delay by AirAsia.  It has set a new legal precedent that all passengers of AirAsia has new found legal right: “NOW EVERYONE CAN SUE & BE COMPENSATED for all costs incurred directly fromflight delay i.e. cost of food, taxi fares, hotel accommodation and others
The Consumer Tribunal was set up by YB Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism and the procedures are made very simple for consumers. Claimant is not allowed to employ lawyer to act for them in the Consumer Tribunal. The filing fees is only RM5. If anyone is interested to exercise your rights when faced with unfair contract terms where you are put in a position of inequality of bargaining power or where you had no choice but to enter into the contract containing unfair terms, please file a case in the Consumer Tribunal which has been set up throughout the country.

azred : we have the rights and we can act accordingly

Dr M fear

1) Lim Kit Siang is reported to have said that I am working hard to ensure the Opposition will not win because I am afraid when the Opposition Government is in place, it will act against all my “misdeeds” when I was Prime Minister.
2) No doubt he is inspired by what happened to Gadaffi and Mubarak. He would love to see me dragged to the courts and sentenced to death or to at least a life sentence. Maybe like Gadaffi I would be murdered.
3) He is right. I am afraid. I am afraid of the kind of abuse of power that has already been shown by one of Pakatan’s great leader who got a senior police officer to frighten Dr Ristina and Ummi Hafilda into withdrawing Ummi’s letter to me.
4) I am afraid of the fabrication of charges so as to put me behind bars. That I am innocent would be irrelevant. What is important is Kit Siang’s satisfaction at seeing me behind bars and more.
5) Other than this I am not afraid. I had always been careful not to abuse the power I had as PM because I was mindful of having to step down and lose power at some stage. If I had abused power my detractors would gleefully expose me and strive to put me behind bars.
6) In fact this has been tried.
7) Since retiring I have been questioned by the police and the AG’s office several times. I was also made to appear before a tribunal to be questioned by all and sundry, including representatives of the Bar Council.
8) So far nothing could be pinned on me.
9) The anti-corruption people can even now investigate whether I have ever received illegal gratifications, whether I have detained or thrown people into jail for personal reasons, whether I benefitted personally from any of the projects carried out during my time.
10) I have not taken anything that is not mine. In fact all gifts given to me, many very valuable, have been given to the Government including a score of expensive cars. They can be seen in Langkawi or at the old PM’s house in KL. I must admit that I ate some of the fruits given me to prevent them from going bad.
11) I had not allowed my children to do business with the Government or to be candidates in elections though they have been offered several times when I was PM and President of Umno. Only after I stepped down did I allow Mukhriz to contest.
12) Whatever money I now have is from savings during 29 years in the Government. My salaries were not big. But the Government took care of my housing, water and electricity, my travels. I don’t even spend much on food as I get invitations to functions like weddings etc.
13) I was therefore able to save my pay and allowances.
14) Except for Mirzan, my children did not get any scholarships. I believe Mirzan paid back what he owed MARA. He had the scholarship before I became a Minister, in fact when I was expelled from UMNO.
15) I have bought or been given no shares except for 200 Malayan Tobacco shares I bought long before I joined the Government. Other shares are the Unit Trusts issued by PNB and State Governments which I was obliged to buy. I own shares in MICO pharmacy in Alor Star which I set up when I was a private practitioner.
16) I am not interested in getting rich or living a life of luxury. What I have now is far more than I had hoped for when I was dreaming as a student. I am grateful to Allah for what I have and for sparing me to live this long.
17) I am ready to go when my time comes. I am conscious that all that I have will not accompany me to the grave.
18) But for as long as I can I will work hard to prevent evil people and crooks from destroying this country that I love.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

maybe it will be my new addiction

almost 2 years i have stopped assembling plastic model which at that time my addiction was towards Gundam. i'm really satisfied when i managed to finished one model after another. but it was a very expensive hobby and of course time consuming also. with my latest commitment, to finish one model will take me a lot of month. that we talk about Gundam which the parts were not that many. but what about this hobby?

hahaha. surely i need a year to even finish one! but it really look tempting to try. but it will be really expensive more expensive that a Gundam Model. i don't know, but recently i took a liking to battleship model. I've search the internet, but none sold a complete / finished model. if i want to have one in my collections i have to assembly it myself. not just assembly, but i need to paint them as well. quite a pain in the arse you think?

let me share some photo of the completed model. maybe you know what i mean by temptation. photo here are all courtesy from Hobby Search JP.

what do you think?

budak pelik kiut

layan skit la baby kiut tido.. hehe

Friday, June 8, 2012

Unisel Akan Cairkan Aset Untuk Bantu Pelajar??

Tindakan Kementerian Pengajaian Tinggi membekukan pinjaman PTPTN kepada pelajar UNISEL memaksa kerajaan negeri bertindak mencairkan aset badan pendidikan tersebut bagi membantu pelajarnya yang di aniaya kerajaan pusat.
Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata Kerajaan Selangor memandang berat kesusahan yang dihadapi pelajar-pelajar baharu Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) yang teraniayai ekoran tindakan Kerajaan Persekutuan dan Menteri PengajianTinggi yang membekukan PTPTN kepada pelajar di universiti tersebut.
“Sebagai tindakan jangka pendek, pihak UNISEL akan menggunakan asetnya untuk membantu pelajar-pelajar yang dalam kesukaran meneruskan pengajian. Aset ini merupakan hartanah seluas 500 ekar yang diperolehi hasil penyusunan semula hutang-hutang TALAM.
“Kerajaan Selangor telah selesai menyusun semula hutang-hutang ini di mana tanah seluas 500 ekar telah menjadi aset UNISEL.” kata Abdul Khalid dalam satu kenyataan media yang di keluarkan sebentar tadi.
Menurutnya,Kerajaan negeri akan membantu UNISEL mengapungkan hartanah tersebut dipasaran untuk mendapatkan wang tunai. Dianggarkan sejumlah RM30 juta boleh diperolehi hasil dari usaha ini.
“Sebahagian wang ini akan digunakan untuk membantu pelajar-pelajar yang teraniayai akibat dari tindakan kerajaan BN membekukan PTPTN.
azred: ok jom buat kira-kira sat..
student yg dibekukan loan mereka = 1000
yuran unisel - purata satu sem RM1550
so 1000org X 1550 = 1,550,000
lebih kurang 1.6million dana diperlukan utk melaksanakan pengajian percuma. student lama yg masih menuntut pinjamannya tak dibekukan.
cairan asset yg nak dibuat dijangka RM30juta boleh dapat dana
so 30m-1.6m = 28.4m lagi ni?? nak g mana?
xkan nak cairkan asset semata2 nak cover 1000 student kot?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shinji Kagawa Set For Manchester United

Manchester United have announced they have agreed a fee for Borussia Dortmund playmaker Shinji Kagawa.
Reportedly worth an intial £12m, the fee for the 23-year-old may rise to £17m in add-ons depending on success and appearances.
The club stated it "has agreed terms with both Borussia Dortmund and Shinji Kagawa for his transfer to the Club.
"The deal is subject only to the player medical and obtaining a UK work permit. These conditions are anticipated to be completed by the end of June."
Rio Ferdinand

Welcome to Shinji Kagawa for his transfer to Man Utd. heres to a succesful time here bro!
Sir Alex Ferguson and assistant Mike Phelan were in attendance on for the DFB-Poka final in Berlin to see the Japanese international score the opener in Borussia Dormund's 5-2 win over Bayern Munich three weeks ago.
Days after Dortmund wrapped up their double, Kagawa revealed he had discussed switching to English football.
Kagawa said: "It was good that I was able to meet him [Ferguson] in person and talk.
"I want to think hard before making my decision. I want a team where I can take on challenges."
Kagawa scored 13 goals and provided eight assists for Dortmund in 2011/12.Shinji Kagawa Set For Manchester United 
azred : yee haaa.. nice one MU.. may next season you triumph again...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scorpene Issue - only doubt & suspicion

If we are to believe the Pakatan Rakyat-linked Suaram group, they would be releasing serious expose with details of what they termed as “damning evidence.” That’s the words, they chose, or maybe it’s the words of Malaysiakini, another Pakatan Rakyat outfit.

In the end, PKR MP Sivarasa and Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel could only implicate a certain Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor . No one has ever heard of that name and he was quickly referred to as someone “closely linked to Daim Zainuddin.”

Well, Malaysians must have expected big, big names at the press conference, which was dramatically held in Bangkok, and carried live by some pro-Pakatan portals. Potong steam lah, where’s the beef?

If you want to use the “closely linked” argument, then we can also say that both Sivarasa and Cynthia are closely linked to Anwar Ibrahim and surely they would have big vested political interest to make these allegations.

They have been claiming to have evidence for months and until now, all you have are the names of this Mohd Ibrahim and Razak Baginda. Come on, where are all the evidences, besides casting doubts and suspicions, which all the Malaysiakini fans would only believe? Or all the comments from readers made up by its editor Steven Gan?

Cynthia has been making claims of papers and documents being seized by the French police. The only problem is that the French police have said nothing and since when does Cynthia become the spokesman of the French police?

The fact is Cynthia Gabriel is a municipal councillor appointed by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government and is also secretary-general of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia, which works with the PKR, PAS and DAP.

Now, that says a lot of her so called credibility. Why is she hiding behind Suaram? Be open, tell the foreign journalists that you are an active opponent of the Najib Administration! Be decent, please!

Stop The Lies

where are the evidence??

Friday, June 1, 2012

Vietnam trip

Begin my journey to ho chi minh city..

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